Friday, February 15, 2008

Go Transit Petition For Fare Rebates

Susan Fisher pointed this out to me as she read it in the 24 newspaper and heard it on 680 news.
Finally someone has stepped up and said how we all feel.How many other businesses do you know allow their customers to be late with producton a regular basis or worse cancel deliveries.
I challenge anyone wo takes Go Transit or any transit on a regular basis to sign this petition.Let's show Go Transit how we feel.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Source and Circuit City Extended Warranty

I have an extended warranty issue with The Source and Acer. It seems The Source knows that
its hard to deal with acer so they told me to deal with them even thought I bought the warranty so I would not have to. I want them to honor the warranty and deal with Acer or refund my warranty. I did some surfing and its seems that others all over the united states are having the same issue with Circuit City, the parent company of the Source.

Here are some reports on rip off:

Hopefully someone from the source or circuit city will respond to this. My email address is I look forward to a response.