Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Source and Circuit City Extended Warranty

I have an extended warranty issue with The Source and Acer. It seems The Source knows that
its hard to deal with acer so they told me to deal with them even thought I bought the warranty so I would not have to. I want them to honor the warranty and deal with Acer or refund my warranty. I did some surfing and its seems that others all over the united states are having the same issue with Circuit City, the parent company of the Source.

Here are some reports on rip off:

Hopefully someone from the source or circuit city will respond to this. My email address is I look forward to a response.

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Anonymous said...

Its finally December and after fighting with Acer for almost 10 months, they finally told me to contact the source again. I did today and found out a lot. It seems that the management team at the Source in Mapleview is now cleaned house and nobody I talked to works there anymore.

Also, I want to say that if you are going to deal with a location of the source, the one in Brooksfield Place (The path) in Toronto is the best place to go. He was the one who helped me out and got me in contact with the Regional Manager. My laptop is now in transit to get fixed. I will keep you posted.